A guest expects that a hotel will be clean, comfortable, and conveniently located.

The hotel's management hopes for repeat business, recommendations to friends and colleagues, and positive reviews from their guests. The quickest way to earn a guest's loyalty is through thorough cleanliness.

Taigeta will help ensure this standard is met in every corner of your hotel.

Providing a clean bathroom

The exterior and fixtures of a bathroom are among the top features that guests pay attention to when choosing to stay at a given hotel. Regardless of its star rating, guests expect to see clean hardware, without leaks, rust, or calcium buildup.

We know:
The bathtub is the most difficult and inconvenient to clean. The bathtub of a hotel is cleaned every day, and this eventually leads to the formation of micro-cracks and pores, making it very difficult to remove grease;
Humidity gradually causes fungus to grow on the sealant and grout of the tiles;
The bathroom, usually, is a small room with little ventilation, and therefore usage of highly concentrated solutions is not ideal.

We give prevention the utmost attention – our solutions create a protective layer on the surface, preventing any contaminants from forming, and making subsequent cleaning easier;
Using active chloride in tile cleaning solutions allows for the sanitation of surfaces simultaneously with their cleaning;
For everyday cleaning, we offer acid and alkaline-based solutions, which don't damage surfaces, but effectively clean them, and are appropriate to use in weakly-ventilation spaces.