A guest expects that a hotel will be clean, comfortable, and conveniently located.

The hotel's management hopes for repeat business, recommendations to friends and colleagues, and positive reviews from their guests. The quickest way to earn a guest's loyalty is through thorough cleanliness.

Taigeta will help ensure this standard is met in every corner of your hotel.

Disinfecting and refreshing

Safety, comfort and cleanliness always go hand in hand. A pleasant smell in a room is no less important that a room that is sanitized. Both are the result of one cleaning process.

We know:
The cleanliness of a room is incomplete if the room has an unpleasant odour;
Only a few minutes are allocated for the cleaning of each room, and during this time, the room must not only be wiped down, but also disinfected;
A hotel has a complicated plumbing system, in the event of an issue, the room will have to be closed, causing financial losses.

Our super concentrated air freshener with a pleasant citrus aroma is applied to the curtains and linens are the end of the cleaning process, fighting bacteria, neutralizing any unpleasant odours and uplifting a guest's mood;
We offer highly effective products, which don't need to be washed out and have minimum exposure time;
We install an automatic dosing dispenser of bioenzyme solutions in the highest point in the plumbing, which prevents clogging in all rooms.