A guest expects that a hotel will be clean, comfortable, and conveniently located.

The hotel's management hopes for repeat business, recommendations to friends and colleagues, and positive reviews from their guests. The quickest way to earn a guest's loyalty is through thorough cleanliness.

Taigeta will help ensure this standard is met in every corner of your hotel.

Care for floors and carpets

You can only make a first impression once. A shiny floor in the lobby and a perfectly clean carpet in a room speak volumes about the quality of service in the hotel.

We know:
Spots on the carpet can be different in nature, but regardless, they are an eye sore; It is impossible to remove fitted carpets from a hotel, and therefore it is important to clean them without wetting them;
The lobby floor must always shine, but polishing is a laborious process, during which guests should not be present.

We will teach your personnel how to properly remove a spot without spreading it over the surface;
Our solutions work using the «clean dry» principle – special additives dilute the dirt without wetting the carpet;
The shiny surface solution contains water-softening components, and quickly evaporates from surfaces without leaving water marks.