A guest expects that a hotel will be clean, comfortable, and conveniently located.

The hotel's management hopes for repeat business, recommendations to friends and colleagues, and positive reviews from their guests. The quickest way to earn a guest's loyalty is through thorough cleanliness.

Taigeta will help ensure this standard is met in every corner of your hotel.

Giving a room the perfect touch

Cleanliness, or lack thereof, are immediately obvious to a hotel guest. Thanks to cleaning staff, a guest feels comfortable when surrounded by a cared-for and attended space.

A modern hotel room has many different surfaces, but the speed at which a room is cleaned is as important for management as for guests;
In the lifetime of a room, it is unavoidable that spots appear on leather sofas and chairs, and wooden furniture – especially antiques.

We offer an effective universal solution for the general cleaning of all waterproof surfaces. This approach saves on the amount of product used, simplifies the cleaning process, and saves on time;
Our polishers effectively fight dirt, and leave a protective layer that prevents the formation of new spots and subsequently makes further cleaning easier.