Before a guest sits down at one of your tables, he or she will evaluate the interior esthetics. Before your guest is served with a coffee, he or she will notice the cleanliness of the table, the whiteness of the tablecloth, and the immaculacy of the dishware. Taigeta will help you maintain this ideal standard.
Helping dishes shine

Dishware comes in a variety of shapes and materials; some is designer, and some plain. In any case, dishware must be impeccably clean, or else all the efforts of the culinary staff might be in vain.

We know:
Dishes come out of the dishwasher improperly cleaned, and must be cleaned again;
Water stains, lipstick marks, and pieces of food are left on stemware and plates especially;
Expenses relating to washing dishes are higher than planned. The use of high quality products for washing machines is, of course, important, but it is not the only factor. In order to get a great result it is sometimes enough to set the dishwasher right, make minor adjustments, pre-soak dishes and teach staff to properly sort dishes and load them to the dishwasher. We know simple and effective solutions.