Before a guest sits down at one of your tables, he or she will evaluate the interior esthetics. Before your guest is served with a coffee, he or she will notice the cleanliness of the table, the whiteness of the tablecloth, and the immaculacy of the dishware. Taigeta will help you maintain this ideal standard.
Creating a spotless interior

The interior of a restaurant is integral to its success. According to the results published by «Restorator» magazine, more than 60% of restaurant-goers identify a physically appealing interior as a priority when choosing a place to dine.

We know:
The floors near the entrance must be mopped often, but a wet floor is slippery, and moreover becomes dirty even faster;
Tables must constantly be kept clean;
In the main restaurant space, there is lots of glass and hard-to-reach places, which are difficult to access and clean on a daily basis.

All of our solutions do more than your expect:
Our floor cleaning products dry quickly, and leave a pleasant smell;
Our polishers leave a protective film, giving a nice shine, disinfecting and make subsequent cleaning easier;
Our highly effective concentrated solutions helps to make general cleaning faster, properly and without lots of efforts.