Before a guest sits down at one of your tables, he or she will evaluate the interior esthetics. Before your guest is served with a coffee, he or she will notice the cleanliness of the table, the whiteness of the tablecloth, and the immaculacy of the dishware. Taigeta will help you maintain this ideal standard.
Creating the atmosphere for culinary masterpieces

The kitchen is the heart of any restaurant, and the more successful the restaurant, the greater the workload and pressure on the kitchen.

We know that often:
There is not enough time to wash all equipment immediately after use;
Gradually, drains become clogged with fat, and over time yields an unpleasant odor, which can seep into the dining hall;
The floor becomes slippery due to the gradual spraying of small amounts of oil in the cooking process, and this can lead to injury. 

We pay great attention to the training of personnel, thereby reducing cleaning time, and our oven cleaners work even on cold surfaces;
Our bioenzyme solutions dispense automatically and efficiently battle cope clogs and smells;
We offer special solutions that thoroughly clean grease on floors and dry quickly.