Before a guest sits down at one of your tables, he or she will evaluate the interior esthetics. Before your guest is served with a coffee, he or she will notice the cleanliness of the table, the whiteness of the tablecloth, and the immaculacy of the dishware. Taigeta will help you maintain this ideal standard.
Caring about safety

Restaurants have to comply with very strict requirements of food safety, which is achieved by following the appropriate HAACP standards and guidelines.

We know:
The risk of contamination and the spread of infection can be reduced greatly by simple adherence to a hand washing and sanitation procedures;
A lack of knowledge and incorrect application of modern cleaning technologies can lead to cross-contamination. Personnel changes frequently and requires ongoing training;
Disinfection is a laborious process, and the staff do not always have the time or understanding on how to do it correctly;

We offer a series of effective hand antiseptics that kill bacteria, do not make hands dry, and have a prolonged effect;
We conduct training and provide information support to staff, while our in-house HAACP experts help in establishing manuals and cleaning diagrams, and selecting optimal solutions;
Our disinfectants work effectively with minimum exposure time. Prepared solutions are odorless, and do not require rinsing from surfaces that do not come in contact with food.