Before a guest sits down at one of your tables, he or she will evaluate the interior esthetics. Before your guest is served with a coffee, he or she will notice the cleanliness of the table, the whiteness of the tablecloth, and the immaculacy of the dishware. Taigeta will help you maintain this ideal standard.
Keeping the washroom perfectly clean

Great attention is paid to the design and equipment of washrooms in restaurants. In addition to functionality, the washroom has to be perfectly clean.

We know:
Not one room is cleaned as often as the washroom, and this should be done quickly and effectively;
The absence or poor quality of soap can adversely affect the image of a restaurant;
Untimely cleaning leads to the formation of calcium deposits and water stains in the toilets and urinals that ultimately cause unpleasant odors.

We offer an effective universal solution for the daily cleaning of toilets – it can be used to clean the plumbing, faucets, floors, and walls. This reduces cleaning time and minimizes human error in choosing solutions;
Our foam soap has a pleasant smell, does not dry the skin, and is economical to use;
Our special solutions for plumbing easily cope with specific clogging of toilets and urinals, and leaves a protective film that prevents the emerging of new contaminants.